BSA Swimming & Water Rescue provides BSA leaders with information and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to swimming emergencies during unit swimming activities. It expands the awareness instruction provided by Safe Swim Defense training.  The BSA recommends that at least one person with this training is present to assist with supervision whenever a unit swims at a location that does not provide lifeguards. This training is open to any registered adult leader, Scout, Venturer, or Explorer who is age 15 or older.  Please note that there is a minimum of 8 participants required to hold course.

Prerequisites for registration:
Be age 15 years or older prior to training
Submit BSA Health Form, parts A-C, (will be collected at course)
Current Safe Swim Defense training (available online: //
Able to complete the BSA Swimmer Test on the day of the course
Be able to recover a 10-pound weight from 8 feet of water on the day of the course

For successful completion of the course:
Demonstrate the skills required by course curriculum
Correctly answer 80% of the questions on a written exam at end of the course