Camp Pomperaug

Located in Union, CT supports Weekend Camping.

Maintenance Committee

Contact Bill Amidon, Custodian of Camp Pomperaug.


Camp Masters

Contact Bill Amidon,  Custodian of Camp Pomperaug.

The Friends of Pomperaug

The Friends of Pomperaug exists solely to help support Camp Pomperaug for use by members of the Boy Scouts of America and other outdoor groups. They are the group mainly responsible for the maintenance and day to day operation of Camp Pomperaug, check out their web site



Camp Pomperaug

Facility Contacts

Custodian of Camp Pomperaug

Bill Amidon

(203) 312-4286

VP Camping

Bill Hall


Director of Camping

Myke Morrell

(203) 951-0613

Council Camping Committee

Policies Pertaining to Camp Properties


C = Council Camps

D = Deer Lake SR

H = Hoyt SR

P = Camp Pomperaug

S = Camp Sequassen

W = Wah Wah Taysee

Camp Pomperaug

1174 Buckley Highway

(Route 171), Union, CT 06076

(203) 312-4286