John Sherman Hoyt

Scout Camp

Located in Redding, CT and supports Weekend Camping and Cub Scout Day Camp.

Maintenance Activities

Hoyt maintenance activities are generally conducted under the auspices of the Hoyt Camp Master Corps.

Hoyt Camp Master Corps

The Hoyt Camp Master Corps, maintenance activities, and the Hoyt Alumni Association are tied together in one group. They generally meet the third Wednesday of each month at the Hoyt Training Cabin, contact Greg Zap at, you can also call (203) 417-9717

Hoyt Alumni Association

The Hoyt Alumni Association (aka HAA!) is a sub-committee of the Hoyt Camp Master Corps and works in conjunction with the Connecticut Yankee Council-Boy Scouts of America.  Their main purpose is to support the youth of today by maintaining and improving the John Sherman Hoyt Scout Camp, and to ensure it will be available for future generations.  HAA! supports the camp through different programs including monthly mini work parties, a major work party, fund raising and donation efforts, major project planning and implementation, and of course having fun while doing it.  Membership in HAA! is open to all, visit the website (unsecured)  to find out more.



Hoyt Scout Camp – Facility Contacts

Custodian of Hoyt Scout Camp

Greg Zap

(203) 417-9717

VP Camping

Bill Hall


Director of Camping

Michael Morrell

(203) 951-0613

Council Camping Committee

Policies Pertaining to Camp Properties


C = Council Camps

D = Deer Lake S.R.

H = Hoyt Scout Camp

P = Camp Pomperaug

S = Camp Sequassen

W = Wah Wah Taysee

John Sherman Hoyt Scout Camp

3 Marchant Rd, Redding, CT 06896

(203) 417-9717