Camp Sequassen Facilities


“Everyone Pulling Together”


Located in New Hartford, CT and supports Scouts BSA Resident Camp and Weekend Camping.

It is not one person, nor one group,

that can be credited for the continuous improvement at Camp Sequassen. It is everyone working together with a common goal, to make;

Camp Sequassen the Best It Can Be for the Scouts.

Maintenance Activities

Where There Is Always Something New !


There’s a new twenty by thirty foot pavilion in Roger Sherman campsite. It will be a great addition for the “Wilderness Patrol” program during summer camp and will enhance an already popular patrol style campsite, which can be rented during the rest of the year.

Located just off the staff area.


And it’s outfitted with 8 picnic tables.


Did You Know !

That Camp Sequassen is not just “The Home Of The Hermit”

It Is also the home of 600 acres of forested land with 2,500 feet of shoreline on West Hill Pond, which means enormous tree care needs. Swimming areas and a fleets of boats, canoes and shells and the docks to tie them to. It is also the home of about 23 Program and Activity areas, including about 10 miles of outlying blazed trails. Some 147 structures, well over 500 signs telling you how to get to them and then signs welcoming you when you get there. 14 campsites with tents or lean-to’s, and lodges with berthing for for many hundreds. Picnic tables, were talking over 160 for you to sit at. Along with administration, food, health, retail and maintenance facilities.  As well as, all of the infrastructure that is needed; numerous in-camp trails, roads and parking for about 250 campers and staff. Water systems, sanitary systems, drainage systems, electrical distribution systems, a camp wide PA system, telephone, internet and lately WiFi. Well you get the point, there is a lot to do and there is much more to the story too.

Way more than any one Ranger can do, even if he is a super Ranger and since the amount of work that is contracted out is next to nil, it is up to you and me,  the volunteer, in scouting and in the community, to get the job done.


You Ask

Decide to do your part, each and every year!

There’s The Annual Major Work Party

Held in May each year – see the tab below

Organize a Group Project with your Unit

Contact Maintenance Chairman Pat Maxim

Take on a personal project

Contact Maintenance Chairman Pat Maxim

Join in to help out individually when needed

Contact Maintenance Chairman Pat Maxim

Join Owaneco Lodge, a service organization that supports Camp Sequassen

Owaneco Lodge Order of the Arrow

Camp Masters Corps

Camp Masters are registered volunteer Scouters who act as representatives of the camp, the ranger, and the Council. Their main purpose is in serving the campers, our customers. Making sure facilities are open and ready, facilitating activities when asked, at the same time helping to ensure safety and the protection of our property.


"Sequassen Alumni Association"


Sequassen Alumni Association is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization comprised of a group of adults devoted to service to Camp Sequassen  (located in New Hartford, Connecticut) and the preservation and perpetuation of the camps customs and traditions as they have developed from the camp’s inception in 1927 to the present.

Visit the Alumni website.


The Camp Sequassen Major Work Party


Sponsored by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee

and Ranger Dave

As you might imagine it takes a lot of work to keep Camp Sequassen going, what you may not know is that very little of that work is contracted out, most of the work happens because of the volunteer, volunteers like you lending a hand under the direction of Ranger Dave and the Maintenance Committee. To this end the Maintenance Committee in addition to their own efforts, sponsors a Major Work Party each Spring. These work events play a vital part in making Sequassen the best camp around. So please plan to join us at the next – Major Work Party.

Videos of past Major Work Parties

Enjoy the Camp Sequassen Major Work Party Song

Camp Sequassen’s

Leary Hammer Award


In memory of Michael Leary


The Leary Hammer Award, presented by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee, each year, is awarded to the hardest working Friend to Camp Sequassen self-evident in their efforts to serve youth in Scouting by maintaining;

“Camp Sequassen as the Best Camp Around”

The Leary Hammer Award was named in memory of Michael Leary by his friends and fellow Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee members. Mike served on the committee with distinction as the Vice Chairman from 1995 until his death in 2000. Having joined the committee in the early 1990’s, Mike was instrumental throughout by his hard work and personal generosity insuring Camp Sequassen was the best it could be, ready to serve youth in Scouting.


2001   Mike Devlin

2002   Roger Poggio

2003   Doris Ieva

2004   Mark Clark

2005  Tony LaRussa

2006   Bob Conniff

2007   John Burke

2008   Dan Cooley

2009   Mike Kennedy

2010   Bob Cairns

2011   Carl Flodquist

2012   Joe Woyciesjes

2013   Tom Gordon

2014   Karl Helff

2019 Joe Bajek

The CSMC Leary Hammer Award

Criteria; awarded to the hardest working Friend to Camp Sequassen for the period leading up to and at the (spring) Major Work Party. And is normally; a volunteer that is not a member of the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee.

Selection; the recipient is selected by consensus of a group of CSMC members which normally would include the; Camp Ranger, the CSMC Chairman and Vice Chairmen.

Presentation; award normally presented at the (spring) Major Work Party.

Working On It!


The Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee

Is a group of fun loving volunteers working side by side with Ranger Dave dedicated to making Camp Sequassen the best of its kind – unsurpassed in support of Scouting’s Programs. Taking a lead in ensuring Sequassen’s facilities and grounds are safe and in good repair, as well as supporting the many Program needs, is our mission.

Today’s Maintenance Committee is a subcommittee of the Council Camping Committee, with beginnings going back to circa 1965. As then, the committee continues to be a strong force in shaping the Camp Sequassen of today. Working closely with Ranger Dave Boyajian, Sequassen’s Maintenance Committee Chairman Pat Maxim and the committee continue in this tradition.


Major Work Parties

Sponsored by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee and Ranger Dave. Sorry you must be 18 years of age or older. See the Major Work Party TAB.


Mini Work Parties

Are by design smaller, primarily attended by CSMC members. Mini work parties are normally held on the second Saturday, in; September, November, January, February, March, April and June for October the weekend is sometimes chosen to avoid the Columbus Day weekend. Check the Calendar for exact dates. We meet at the Shop at 8:00 AM. Sorry you must be 18 years of age or older.


Friends of Camp Sequassen Thursday’s

Is a special gathering of volunteers, sponsored by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee whose primary mission is to lend Ranger Dave a helping hand, on the days preceding CSMC sponsored work parties. We promise that when you leave at the end of the day you will be taking home a good feeling of accomplishment. Sorry you must be 18 years of age or older.


Special Work Events

Often facilitated by the Camp Sequassen Maintenance Committee. The age limitation varies, please inquire.

Working On It!


Camp Sequassen

Facility Contacts List

CSMC Chairman

 Pat Maxim

(203) 389-5470

CSMC Vice Chairman

Matt Balls


VP Camping

Bill Hall


Camp Sequassen Ranger

Dave Boyajian

(860) 379-2009

Director of Camping

Myke Morrell

(203) 951-0613

Council Camping Committee

Policies Pertaining to Camp Properties


C = Council Camps

D = Deer Lake SR

H = Hoyt SR

P = Camp Pomperaug

S = Camp Sequassen

W = Wah Wah Taysee

Camp Sequassen

791 West Hill Road, New Hartford, CT 06057

(860) 379-2009